Opus Genetics

Opus Genetics is building a pipeline of AAV-based retinal gene therapies for patients with rare inherited retinal diseases. We worked with Opus to first create a unique identity that underscores the name and the reference to Opus as a “great work”. Opus was founded by Foundation Fighting Blindness and maintains a strong commitment to patients and families. To this end, we designed the site around photos of real patients along with quotes to express the need and the excitement about the potential for treatments. A robust pipeline, infographics, and scientific illustration work to underscore the scientific approach and progress of their programs into the clinic.

Aura Biosciences

With an initial focus on ocular oncology, Aura is advancing a platform to target solid tumors, using virus-like particles, that can be conjugated with drugs or loaded with nucleic acids to create Virus-Like Drug Conjugates. We worked with Aura to develop a site that presents their story and their commitment to patients with few options for treatment.
Aura became a public company in 2022 and we supported that effort with an investor site design, graphics for the S1, and a video for the NASDAQ tower in Times Square.


Alcyone is creating next-generation precision gene-based therapies for complex neurological conditions. The company integrates innovation in neuroscience, precision dosing platforms, and manufacturing capabilities to deliver transformative therapies to patients. We worked with Alcyone to 
communicate the breadth of their CNS therapeutic approaches combined with a differentiated and effective delivery system through the development of a variety of corporate materials including a comprehensive company website, coupled with the development of a set of infographics to show each scientific area. We also developed a coordinating stationery system, corporate presentation templates, a scientific poster and presentation set and overall brand standard guide to assist the corporate communications team in overseeing all materials across the three US locations.

Artizan Biosciences

Artizan Biosciences creates innovative microbiota-targeted therapies to restore lives disrupted by inflammatory disease by identifying bacteria in the gut that predispose people to disease under specific genetic or environmental conditions.Their proprietary discovery platform that methodically investigates microbial communities and individual bacterial strains from healthy and disease-affected people. Once a strain of interest is identified, Artizan applies its mechanistic research expertise to determine the root causes of pathology and pursue disease-modifying therapeutic strategies.

We worked with Artizan to tell the story of their science and dedication to patients. We created custom images to communicate the company’s scientific focus on the microbiome and walk viewers through the logic of the approach.


Paradigm4 provides technology to support decision making and discovery from multidimensional data sets. Their platform and apps help scientists gain insights from varied types of public and private data sets using an intuitive technology setup.

We worked with Paradigm4 to rebrand in a way that describes their value in scientific discovery. First we worked to understand their technology, then organized the content and created visual supports to show how the plaform and apps work together to create a user-friendly environment for discovery. We created the tagline “Multidimensional Insights” and the corresponding graphic — which includes accurate data visualizations — to reinforce the varied types of data that can be cross-referenced on their platform.
Infographics and icons lead the viewer through the site and support key messages.