EnVision Performance Solutions

EnVision provides learning and performance solutions to corporate, small business, and not-for-profit organizations. Their holistic approach to understanding business needs and culture informs a set of robust, engaging, and effective learning solutions. Recently EnVision expanded its services and worked with us to rebrand and reorganize how they marketed their expertise on the web.

We began with a new visual identity that reflected the company’s integrated services and leveraged the green from their previous look while adding a fresh palette. Expanding upon that notion and working with the “building the bridge to improved performance” tagline, we created a site that clearly organized services, case studies, publications, and marketing content. Each service is represented by a custom icon, photo, and content template.


Complya provides QA and RA 
consulting to pharmaceutical, biotech, and device companies with products in the pipeline. Their hands-on approach and refined consultant matching process give Complya an edge in helping their clients through the ever-complex regulatory landscape.

We worked with Complya to rebrand the company around a messaging platform that clearly defines its key value and services. From there we refined their logo to emphasize the company name and used the color palette to create a strong visual brand that communicates the “five columns” that are the foundation upon which Complya’s services are built. A new and mobile-friendly website, custom graphics, an exhibit, and a brochure that literally works as the five columns give Complya the tools they need to attract both new clients and top-tier consultants.