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When the owners of Maran Printing decided to re-invent their business model and rename the company Signature Printing, the assignment was to brand Signature to separate the company from other print brokers, emphasizing the knowledge and value they bring to the printing process from many years of running a print shop.

The company identity clearly focuses on the name. The custom-crafted typography speaks to designers of great attention to detail.The tagline: Print management & consulting. Redefined. serves to set them apart from the usual print brokers. One brochure focus on the many different definitions of the word signature, relating each to a service that they offer, while the second features ways to leverage black and white printing for maximum effect. We provided the overall concept and writing as well as the design for both pieces. Branding efforts have continued over the years with specialty pieces, their website, advertising, and holiday promotions.

Cover and custom envelope for "Signature Black"

Company brochure, cover and introduction