Paradigm4 provides technology to support decision making and discovery from multidimensional data sets. Their platform and apps help scientists gain insights from varied types of public and private data sets using an intuitive technology setup.

We worked with Paradigm4 to rebrand in a way that describes their value in scientific discovery. First we worked to understand their technology, then organized the content and created visual supports to show how the plaform and apps work together to create a user-friendly environment for discovery. We created the tagline “Multidimensional Insights” and the corresponding graphic — which includes accurate data visualizations — to reinforce the varied types of data that can be cross-referenced on their platform.
Infographics and icons lead the viewer through the site and support key messages.


Anokion is focused on improving the treatment and outcomes of autoimmune disease with a proprietary antigen-specific immune tolerance technology. Starting with Anokion’s existing logo and palette, we created a new visual brand for their website and presentation; incorporating custom design elements, new photography of both their team and laboratories, and copy. These  will give both investors and future employees a strong sense of where Anokion is going and what they have to offer. This robust website and visual brand will support the business as it matures into a full clinical stage company.


Ziopharm is developing the next generation of immuno-oncology medicines that target multiple types of cancers on two fronts — weaponizing the existing immune system and introducing new immune system elements. In addition, the company is  targeting the cost and complexity of these therapies. We worked with Ziopharm to build a brand around this dual approach and to illustrate how the company’s technology works to combat cancer.


CARB-X is accelerating global antibacterial innovation by investing in the development of new antibiotics and other life-saving products to combat the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. Their projects represent the world’s largest pre-clinical and early development pipeline of antibiotics and other therapeutics, diagnostics, microbiome, vaccines, and devices. We partnered with CARB-X to create a brand that speaks to funders, scientists, and the general public. We updated their logo to be more legible, and to clearly define the organizations’s name. Setting up a plan for a robust website provided space for statistics, education on antibiotic resistance and overuse, resources, meetings, and a clear story about the organization’s value in supporting global health. Custom photos, icons, and infographics support their message and create the basis for a full organizational brand.