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Vivli is a platform for the global sharing of clinical trials data. The core of Vivli is an enhanced search engine to index clinical trial data that will host data as well as connect to other data repositories.  Researchers will be able to request data sets based upon a variety of search criteria.

The name Vivli is a shortened form of the Greek word for library. A library holds and protects information and then shares it for the public good. We saw this as the perfect metaphor for Vivli. Once we had the name, we designed a┬álogo that combines the ideas of data, books on a shelf, the globe, and a “V”. Infographics illustrate how the platform works to both contributors of data and researchers looking for information. All of this is combined in the Vivli website that communicates the mission, vision, and workings of Vivli and will eventually link users to the database.


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