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T3 offers online and on-site training for those working with vulnerable populations. We worked with the team from the ground up to build an identity, communications materials, and product offerings. Starting with name concepts, we worked to simplify what are often cumbersome concepts in the world of homeless services. The name is short and memorable and it stands for the organizations 3 core values: Think, Teach, Transform. This quickly became the tagline.

We worked with T3 to translate their on-site training topics and knowledge into engaging online courses. They provided the content and we designed a look and feel for the courses, procured images, and created graphics, all of which brings the material to life and helps the user remember the information. The website houses the courses as well as information about T3. Users can learn about the offerings, buy access to courses, create user profiles, and begin the learning process right away. Organizations can combine access to courses for their staff with on-site training or longer, instructor-led courses to help those who work with vulnerable populations better server their clients.

Visual brand and execution of a set of 10 online courses

Photo research for historic images


Photography (John Soares)

Approach to and design of infographics

Visual brand

Printed marketing materials