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The MRCT Center engages expert stakeholders to improve worldwide clinical trials. Associated with two of the world’s most respected names in healthcare and academia: Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University, MRCT works to identify challenges and deliver ethical, actionable, and practical solutions. Their efforts have resulted in the implementation of best practices, greater transparency, and improved safety for research participants.

We began working with MRCT as they entered their fourth year. The organization needed to better communicate their mission and value to non-stakeholders and to improve their overall brand image. We started with messaging and clear language to quickly explain what MRCT does, for whom, and to what end. From there we designed a logo for the organization that reinforces the name and the association with academia.

A new website combines both a visual brand and a way to organize and present projects, focus areas, resources, events and news. The items can be quickly added, sorted, and featured as new work is completed. The home page gives the viewer an immediate overview of current and ongoing work and provides multiple points of entry for frequent users and newcomers.

An annual report and a set of custom infographics were designed to illustrate processes and progress.


Organizational Identity

Annual Report

Icon set

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